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Z1 INSURANCE Terms And Conditions

Z1 Insurance was first to introduce a professional insurance price searching service for  UK consumers in 2011. We  solely work off the details that customers provide ,  to secure the best possible price. Z1 Insurance does not work as an agent or broker for any insurer and does not engage in any regulatory activities as described by the FCA in terms of insurance price searching work. Z1 Insurance is an independent price searching company and has no affiliation with the insurance company in question.  The details provided by the customer will be used to supply the quote , it is up the consumer to ensure that the details are accurate . Z1 will not be liable for any consequences thereafter for supplying inaccurate details . Following the Consumer Rights  Act  2015  and the Data Protection Act 1998 any British citizen may appoint and authorize  a 3rd party to carry out price searching work to find the fairest price/quote.

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